Punk Rock Bride 2012 Collection

When you think of bridal, “Punk Rock Bride”, may not be among your first choices, but maybe it should be.  Designer Stephanie Ward has taken her original 5 designs in 2008 and grown her company Punk Rock Bride into a contender among the other emerging brands.

Edgy, modern and fashion forward, this is the breakthrough company of 2012.  Their unique approach with incorporating non-traditional fabrics and multiple layers, along with adding textures and details to every design.  Cotton, cotton eyelet, silk chiffon and Charmeuse are all their but these dresses take on a light comfortable feel without sacrificing luxury.  They have a classic silhouette that flatters every figure.  Honestly for the Punk Rock Bride, the devil is in the details.

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Manufactured in the US the patterns are created for each individual bride based on their own unique measurements. That makes for a couture-styled dress without the couture-price.  This fashion-forward company is making their move by offering edgy designs at an affordable price.

Punk Rock Bride – 320 3rd Street, N Rear, Washington DC


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