Dontions are the gifts that keep on giving

With the holidays just days away, sometimes it’s better to give in honor of, than make yourself crazy with trying to find the perfect gift.  With so many organizations around, which one might fit you or the giftee?  Here’s where I can help.

Send books to a classroom in Africa where children need them –

Kids hitting on the drums in low-income schools can use your help to make beautiful music.

Art appreciation can open the creative minds of high-risk children, but your donation can fund a trip to a museum or theatre.

Even though a lot of our Military personal are coming home for Christmas, many are still stationed around the world.  How about paying for their phone call to their loved ones?

Meals on wheels will deliver hot meals to those homebound senior citizens.  Remember, you may be young now, but one day you too will be ‘older’.

A friend works for this organization so this is near and dear to my heart.  Doctors without Borders does amazing work, especially for children both here in the US and worldwide.

Operation Smile has helps so many children who might otherwise be outcasts in their villages because they ‘look different’. You can help them not only smile again, but lead a healthy life with your donation.

Having personal knowledge about Cancer treatment and watching children deal with it, if you have a child in your life, or plan to, just think “There but for the Grace of God…” and donate to St. Jude.

If however you have that person who simply “must have something tangable”, then consider Toms shoes or eyewear.  For every pair of shoes you buy, Toms will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.  For every pair of glasses, Toms will give medical treatment (either eyeglasses or even sight-saving surgery) to someone in need.  So your giftee will either get a pair of cool shoes or shades and someone you may never know will be sending you thanks. You win twice.

Just a few ways you can share holiday joy in the name of your friends or family.  Truly a gift that will keep on giving.  These are also great alternatives and great to show your guests that yes, you are building your life, but also helping to better the life of some other people.

Happy Holidays!!



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