FEED Projects 12 Days, 12 Ways to Feed”

FEED Projects “12 Days, 12 Ways to FEED” holiday campaign, reminding everyone to give back this holiday season with a FEED purchase, giving food/nutrients/health supplements to those in need.  While I’m sorry I missed a few days, there is still plenty of time to help

“I think the best gifts to give are the things that are good for the world, the 12 Days, 12 Ways to FEED campaign gives people who want to help a way to give something great while doing good at the same time – so everyone can help the hungry and feed this holiday season.”-  Lauren Bush, FEED Projects Co-founder.

Lauren Bush Lauren, (niece of George W. Bush, and recently married to David Lauren—Ralph Lauren’s son) founder of FEED Projects, started the initiative to give consumers unique gift suggestions every day for 12 days, each purchase gives back in a meaningful way.

From a Judith Leiber clutch that provide 1000 school meals, to teddy bears that provide invaluable nutrients to toddlers in need, to bags that feed the NYC homeless, each FEED gift goes beyond the wrapping paper and truly opens the box of opportunity by closing the door on world hunger. 

Each day offering a new FEED Projects product suggestion, see below for a rundown of this seasons product offerings!


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