Gift Guide: Gift ideas for your guests

Sometimes finding a gift for your guests or new in-laws is tough.  Here are some adorable ideas that they will love.

Oh in a clutch (or hand) these original and whimsical bags by Sarah Olivier are so cute.  Yes they can be customized (color) and yes, they are knit by real grandmas (and one grandpa). A gift for the mother of the bride or groom, bridesmaids, or flower girl who is made with love and given with love.

The Bosom Buddy Bags are woven by Master weavers of the Tenganan region, using Ata grass, a vine indigenous to the foothills of volcanoes on the Indonesian Island of Bali. This means the bags are not made in a factory, the artists work from home in their villages. That also means that each one is unique.  Great handbags, totes, or clutches can be personalized to match your colors or theme.

Have you heard of Skanz?  This company is truly changing the way social media and your social media ‘finger print’, will allow you to share information with your guests.  With a silicon band, that had a barcode on it, your guests can scan and be updated on everything that’s going on with you.  After your wedding, they can see all your pictures too.  It’s simply brilliant!


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