Claire Pettibone 2012 collection takes you to French countryside

If you ever had visions of a warm summer’s day in France being the setting for your wedding, Claire Pettibone has the most beautifully vintage inspired gowns for you.  True to her aesthetic, her beautifully silhouetted gowns floated down the runway and the magic of the city of lights twinkled behind.

Reminiscent of a garden party, this collection was meant to celebrate women and the feminine form. It’s the design, picking the ‘just right’ lace and creating ‘just the perfect surprise element’ that makes her so loved and respected.

This show featured antique patterned underlay’s, stunning lace overlays, surprise touches of ‘blue’ and intricate lace embroidery.  What brides should remember is that your guests will see you coming down the aisle as well as standing at the alter.  Your gown, in other words, should create a complete and unforgettable statement both coming and going.  No worries with a Pettibone gown, she has you covered with some of the best ‘back-detail’ in the industry. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s about passion and wanting to honor a woman.  Claire is an artist who hears and whose soul can be seen in each dress.  She doesn’t just create one dress and change the fabric; she created each in the collection to stand on its own.  To be as unique as you are.


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