Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the couple, bridal party and guests

Himalayan Trading Post Candles

Gifts for your bridal party can be unique statement necklace pieces from Paz collective, or a cut out monogram necklace from Initial Reaction in gold of silver.

I love paper and this is a great box that you will treasure for years to come.  The Blessings Box has everything so that your family and friends can share wisdom, advice, or suggestions for your marriage in one space.  It’s something that will surely become a keepsake forever.  (They also have boxes for a new baby, home or your birthday)

If you’re having lounge at one of your wedding events, the Lamp In A Box is so on the mark!!  You can create a personalized lamp and have it at your party. The best, it comes home with you and will always light-up your future together.

While they are primarily focused on NYC, Studio Manhattan Art + Design, had whimsical accessories that might be a great bridal party gift.  If you’re the bridal party and want something special for the couple, they have canvas gallery art that is breathtaking (without breaking the bank!)

For a romantic table, these handmade candles in their containers will dress up any place.  Actually they stopped me in my tracks.  Himalayan Trading Post has candles in decorative glass, pots and other designs that your guests will love to take with them.

For candles that can spell your way to bliss, Xela Aroma was a showstopper.  Made with soy they give off a beautiful flicker and they are personalized…or you can pick a symbol that reflects you as a couple or your guests.  What makes them my new favorite company, they can customize as few as 20.

With all the travel restrictions, what is a destination couple (and guests) to do about smelling good on that special day?  Travalo is your perfume genie in a bottle.  You can fill this quickly, easily and drop this refillable atomizer bottle in your bag and go. They come in a bunch of colors and perfect for your entire bridal party.  At the $9.99-$19.99 retail price point you can get one for everyone that comes to your wedding.  It is a gift that will keep on giving one sweet smell at a time.


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