Holiday Gift Guide for the little ones in your life

The holidays are quickly upon us.  Can you believe it already?  Well, if you’re tired of seeing the ‘same-old-vendors’, here are a few new ones that may have the answer to your gifting needs.

Let’s start with a little something for the little (two-legged) cutie in your life.

If you are a bride, who happens to be pregnant, have you ever thought of carrying a bouquet in honor of your new baby?  Instead of a bunch of babies-breath, how about a bunch of baby clothes?  Seriously, these are too cute by the Baby Bunch.

If you have a little one that will be hanging out with you and in need of jazzy ‘footwear’, The Jazzy Toes are the answer. From cute ‘flip-flop’s to lacy ballerina, to Mary Janes or Wingtips, these socks are ultra soft and comfy!! The nonskid sole is a must for your little one.

For the true little lady who wants to be blinged out like mom, or a perfectly sweet gift for your flower girl, Cherished Momentshas the answer.  From Beaded bracelets, earrings, to sweet necklaces, these are a unique children’ jewelry gift.  Hey with the price of gold as it is, this is a great value and will hold true cherished memories.

For the other little person who has your heart, your favorite four-legged friend I’ve some great ideas.

Up Country has some of the coolest doggie accessories. Bright and bold, Whimsical and fun-loving patterns, even true edgy colors will keep your dog (and cat) in high style. What really captured me was the canine wedding collection.  Yes a collection just for your pet.  These range from floral collars to rose neck-rings.  A perfect accessory for the pet that wants to dress in his or her wedding finery.

Now, there are no ‘doggie-rings’ (yet) but I like the idea of them wearing the initials of their parents.  Rockin’ Doggie has charms made of lead-free pewter (all US made) that can be engraved with your wedding date.

Now, if you’re having a wedding like Kim Kardashian where everything has to be BLING-BLING, then Fabdog has the Swarovski collars you’ve been looking for.  In different colors and sizes your pet will have all the others in the neighborhood jealous.


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