St. Pucchi unveils poetic 2012 bridal collection

It is hard to pick a favorite from the 23 statement pieces for the St. Pucchi 2012 collection.  Inspired by the 13th century poet and philosopher Rumi, this collection was designed to reflect evolution and movement.

“Rumi believed that the spirit undergoes many an evolutionary process to become close to the divine ego,” says Rani. “ I wanted to reflect an evolutionary process in the line as well.  Each gown has a traditional basis but reflects movement in time and a modernized feel for today’s bride.”

Rani has captured this feel by using the lightest fabrics and created airy textures that she is known for.  This collection truly transcends time and the beautiful usage of the Queen Anne neckline, modernized panels of silk, pearls and crystals are breathtaking.

In an effort to create something for everyone, there are an additional 11 whimsical and fun St. Pucchi Sposa gowns.  Ranging from off the shoulder scoop necklines dresses to blush colored gowns or tea length dresses, the only problem is deciding which one to choose.

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