Military Brides say yes to your dream wedding dress from Bridal Reflections

We all know that there are bridal salons everywhere, but not many ‘truly give back’.  Well, Bridal Reflections which is based in New York, will be giving away FREE luxurious wedding gowns to military brides on Monday, November 7 with Brides Across America  in honor of Veteran’s Day.

Yes, military brides will say ‘yes, to a FREE bridal dress.’

I know I don’t have to tell you about the economic crisis and for many in the military, it’s tough day to day…forget about planning a wedding of your dreams.

This is why I love the folks at Bridal Reflections.  They are caring and put their tulle where there mouth is. So how do you get one?  It’s actually pretty simple.  You must be engaged, be on active duty in the military, OR have a fiancé on active duty in Iraq, Kuwait or Afghanistan. While there is a trust factor, you also  must show ID, copy of deployment papers, and orders or other qualifying proof.  A cute picture of you and your honey will get the added ‘oooh-ahh’ factor.

This is one of those events I’m proud to cover yearly and congratulate all of our service men and women.  So get those documents in order FAST.  It’s coming up soon…and…congratulations!


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