Bridal Market 2012: Joanna August 2012 collection

While wedding style is going through a steady transition with the most recent “Royal Wedding Bridesmaid style”, Joanna August believed there was still a flaw in selling dresses that could only be worn once.  It might have had something to do with the way dresses were designed in the past.  So knowing what she wanted for her bridesmaids, she set out to change the outdated silhouettes, satin sashes and overall bad fabrics and create a dress that would be unrecognizable as bridal wear.  Creating a line that is still “wedding friendly”, these dresses can be worn from a tea reception, to cocktail party to black-tie wedding event.

What makes this bridesmaid collection different? Over 20 Bridesmaid styles, several maternity options in sizes that range from 0-22 in over 100 color options and a growing bridal collection.  This is another designer who is a friend to the local community as her production takes place in Los Angeles, CA.  Yes, dresses can be quality and made in the USA and start around $250.  Bridal gowns begin around $725.

Joanna August Showroom – 103 N. Edinburgh Ave LA 323-933-9875



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