Free Endearment goes pink for breast cancer awareness

Free Endearments creator Jaclyn Morse has a kind heart.  I know this because it comes through her designs and her passion to make the world a better, kinder, healthy place.  I think that’s why I choose Free Endearment to kick-off my October Cancer Awareness month.  Notice I didn’t say “Breast Cancer” because I hope we can eradicate all forms of cancer, but that’s another story.

Free Endearment has introduced seven “Think Pink” products and a portion of the sales will go to the American Cancer Society.  What I love is that they will also donate 30% of the proceeds of all online sales starting Oct 1 through November 1, 2011 to ACS Hope Lodge.  For a new company, donating 30% is a lot more than most so kudos to her!!

The Hope Lodge (which has 31 across the county) gives cancer patient and their caregivers a free, home away from home. Let’s face it, living in NYC, we’re pretty luck to have some of the best hospitals in the world at our door…others aren’t so lucky.  Honestly, you can’t possibly know what pressure weighs on a cancer patient like “where their support is going to stay and how much will it cost”, when they need to spend all their energy just fighting and getting better.

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When you’re looking for gifts for your bridesmaids…well, why not give something that will have dual purpose.  Help save a life, as you begin your new life.


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