Fall beauty and makeup trends

I have to admit that this is one of my favorite times of the year – fall.  Sweaters, changing leaves, warmed cider and snuggling by a fireplace.  It’s also the time when warmer, richer make-up colors make their way back on the market.  They warm your face, sometimes create a dramatic eye or make your ruby lips, undeniably lush.

Fashion for the fall has called upon colors of nests, twigs, hay and rope will inspire an organic color card of whites and beiges for barely visible care formulas and discreet make-up. What does that mean?? Lots of great options.

Forest birds:

Birds of the forest inspire a color card of medium muted naturals beiges, brick and browns to celebrate the fall. The owl watches, and our make-up will focus this season particularly on the eye, round in powdered applications or smudged circles.

Urban Birds:

Different tones of grey represent angry and assertive, one intent on surviving the city like sparrows. The colors are medium greys from concrete to metal, with accents of blues, purples, greens iridescent like pigeons feathers. Mate or slightly metallic, brushed, polished, these aspects match our city mood and digital devices for a very slick contemporary look.

Black birds:

This ultra-black raven inky color card creates a gothic sense of excitement. Highbrow blacks saturated with deep purple, navy, green and burgundy. Lacquered or charcoal-like, make-up calls for our evening wardrobes and ravish our lovers. Mysterious, eternal, black is a classic of choice to impress.

Cocktail birds:
This ultra-feminine woman feels like a cocktail bird put in refined cage of seduction on her own terms. Pastel tones are enhanced with gold shades. Fringes will adorn hair and beauty accessories, frilly pinks and purples will flutter in decorative packaging, powdery fragrances will create a high seduction for the roaring 20’s of this millennium.

Red Roosters:

Heavily textured and profoundly RED, lipsticks from the 1950’s will make the glamorous comeback to the red carpets of the world. Red is the accent color of the moment, perfectly adding crimson to our extremities: lips, nails and lashes. Just like birds…

Oh, how I love fall.  How I love the birds of the season and what I really love are the colors they bring to mind.  So what bird are you??

Thanks to TREND UNION / EDELKOORT INC. for insight, photos and color swatches for the 2011 fall season.


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