Tiffany and The St. Regis Hotel: A something blue kind of suite

The St. Regis Hotel in New York has introduced The Tiffany Suite, a 1,700-square-foot unit inspired by their neighbor Tiffany & Co. These two NY institutions collaborated to create an experience intended to be quintessentially New York.

When you enter, the first thing that takes your breath away are the floor-to-ceiling windows in the suite’s living room which looks out over Fifth Avenue and Central Park. The expansive one-bedroom, two-bathroom suite is with white, beige, charcoal and silver fabrics, studded with Deco jewel–inspired furnishings and accented, of course, with touches of Tiffany blue, of course. The foyer also features that signature color in the glass-beaded and silver-leafed wall coverings (totally reminds me of an engagement ring).

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If you choose (and I certainly would you) receive round-the-clock St. Regis butler service, and if you’re looking to entertain in true Fifth Avenue style, the suite’s dining room has a glossy white 10-person table, Tiffany china and barware, and a glittering crystal chandelier.  Should you want to invite me…I’ll make sure to free up my schedule.

From $8,500 per night St. Regis Hotel – 2 East 55th St.; 212-753-4500


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