NYFW: Monique Lhuillier models have soy milk manicures

For Monique Lhuillier, Wanda Ruiz designed “Soy Milk” manicures on active, oval-shaped nails using semi-sheer CND Colour in Cream Washed topped with CND Super Shiney Top Coat for a glossy finish. Pedicures were reminiscent of a cloudy night sky using custom blended blue (which can be duped at home using limited edition CND Violet Shimmer Effect layered on top of CND Colour in Midnight Sapphire). Sporty evening wear pieces (ie: Anna Kournikova from gym to gala) in pops of cobalt, black and yellow were complemented by slicked back ponytails, and matching dreamy blue eyeliner and toes.

At Altuzarra, Candice Manacchio shaped “Second Skin” manicures using one coat of neutral, nude CND Colour in Putty layered with Super Matte Top Coat to juxtapose dramatic, black eyebrows and stick-straight hair. These nails perfectly accessorized a tropical sci-fi collection with leather, Hawaiian prints, and voluminous wide belts.


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