Two Figs for a comfortable and confident woman

I love looking at gowns and in fact have the pleasure of seeing lots of brides try on dresses.  One of the common ‘problems’ happens for a larger-cup sized woman, is finding a bra that not only fits properly, but looks pretty. There is very little to accommodate a cup size larger than a “D” that doesn’t look like, let’s face it, a football.  So not pretty!!  How happy are you going to be with Two Figs? This San Francisco based company has created a sizing system that will fit up to a G-cup.  That’s right ladies, a G for GREAT fit.  Their sizing 1,2,3 and 4 correspond to bandwidths 32, 34, 36, and 38. So while they may suggest a “2”, you may want a “1”. While there may be a bit of trying on to get the right fit, the most important thing for this company is to have you leave feeling comfortable and confident.

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What I really love it that these gowns are beautiful and sexy.  They also give the support that you will need and the material they use is incredibly soft.  It’s about time us larger girls can look sexy on our wedding night (and every night after)!

Still growing, now they are sold at: Alla Prima in San Francisco, La Mode in Houston, Linea Intima in Vancouver,  Selene in Maryland and The Finer Fit in Greensboro, NC.  Retail the camisoles start at around $130, chemises  $170, and gowns $225


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