Tejani jewelry shines bridal bright

You may think that Tejani is new on the wedding jewelry scene but it’s not.  Tenjani translates to, “Brightness” and “Sparkle” in Hindi and it fits these timeless pieces created by Urvi Prunier. Born from a passion and desire to bring couture jewelry to the bridal market at affordable prices, Urvi has a mind-blowing collection that will be perfect for any bride.

Not just earrings, there are beautiful necklaces (some rock-on statement pieces and the pearls are stunning), bangles, brooches and hair accessories for the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride or groom.

What makes her jewelry impressive is, they sparkle like diamonds, look like platinum but they don’t cost an arm or a leg.  The quality of her pieces is among the best in the market.  They are all original pieces and not ‘copies’ of another designers.  I mean who wants a designer who can’t be original right? 

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I think try before you buy; personal recommendations and one-on-one private appointments make this company a true treasure.  I mean how many other companies offer such personalized service?

From the studs to the tiers of shimmer dripping of brides’ ears, these will be pieces that will have your guests talking and you will wear time and time again.


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