Clothing fit for a queen by Queen Latifah for HSN

Hurricane Irene and Queen Latifah are both creating a storm today.  Irene for some not so great reasons, but Queen Latifah launches her new lifestyle line today.  It’s not just clothing, there are also handbags and even hotter outerwear.  With every celebrity creating a clothing line what makes this one so special?  Well, Latifah has a direct hand in creating this line from the design, to color and sizes.  Let’s face it: we can’t all be a size 2. What she does have is small to size 3X and something that everyone will love this fall. The Queen spared no cost but didn’t pass those expenses on to you. What this should show all designers is that you can be a fashionista at any size without breaking the bank. You go Queen!!

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Because everyone can use a bit of help in being stylish, these are some tips that Queen Latifah waned to share with you. With fall just around the corner, you too will be as fashionable as the Queen – All Hail!!

  • A flattering neckline, preferably a V-neck, is a style staple for a curvy girl. A v exposes the collarbone and accentuates a woman in all of the right places.
  • If your stomach is your trouble zone, a little draping goes a long way.
  • Pair my Queen Collection leggings with my poncho to accentuate your legs and achieve an effortless look.
  • Confidence is the best accessory, wear what you feel good in and feel good in what you wear.
  • Step up your look with an oversized handbag, my faux fur weekender is the perfect accessory.
  • Your personal style should be a reflection of your lifestyle.
  • For a night out on the town wear something that makes you pop, gold is a no fail. My pleated and draped cowl neck dress is my go to right now.
  • A warm palate like grey, olive and taupe flatters any shape.
  • A moto jacket, a wardrobe staple, can carry you through from fall to winter.
  • A little unexpected embellishment goes a long way. My embellished shoulder tank is the perfect blend of casual glam.



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