Advice from a friend for weathering Hurricane Irene

The east coast is getting hammered.  Stored are emptied, there isn’t a carton of milk, bottle of over-priced water, or bag of coffee to be found.  Bars have been packed and diners have never made more omelets for brunch.   I’ve heard from some of my wedding planner friends that they are getting ready for weddings this afternoon.  I mean, REALLY?!  I get it – it’s expensive, however putting not only your life, but the lives of your family and guests in potential harm, when we don’t know what kind of storm this will be?  I don’t know, do you really want to begin it with and extra guest (Hurricane-Irene)?

Me…I’m ‘stuck’ in my apt working…well, prepping for NY Fashion Week.  There are lots that’s going on beginning Sept 7th and I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy the coverage.  In the mean time, I’m lucky to have a great friend with a sense of humor.  So as you hunker down with (hopefully) the folks you love, I wanted to share this good advice. The hurricane will pass and you will walk into a new day so you might as well look good right??

Be safe out there!!


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