2011 National Stationery Show: New Designers to Love

A new designer whose watercolor designs and beautiful illustrations caused me to stop is Inslee. From her note cards, which either has a pattern or everything from flora/fauna to women shopping or lounging on the beach, these are great cards for quick notes to your maids of honor.

Another newbie is The PaperBerry.  This culturally diverse product line features African-American and Multi-cultural printed stationery products for all types of social celebrations.

Brittany Fuson is obviously a woman who loves shoes.  It was one of her simply stunning wall designs that caught my eye.  Her designs could easily match any fashion runway, but her bridal collection….OMG, dreamy and yet so fashionable.  I’m sure you’ll give one and save one for yourself.  For me, she was truly one of the starts of NSS for 2011.

Double Bravo Designs is also new on the invitation scene but has made a splash.  What really caught my eye was the “collection of fill in the blank cards”.  They range from “The Year You Were Born”, “The Year you said “I DO”, as well as other ‘firsts and thank you cards.’  How cool to have a memory of the year you’re marries by filling in such fun things like “the population, the mayor, the cost of a train or bus ride, or other ‘important’ things that happened in your city during the most important event…your wedding?  They have major cities now, but expanding in the near future.

The most fun and beautifully smelling items from the show comes from Figs and Ginger, an Ashville, NC company.  This company (run by a couple) design, make and sell these sweet and sweet-smelling items for your wedding, from cake toppers, to bunting, to my personal favorite the cedar hangers that say “Bride” “Bridesmaid” and “Maid of Honor” were not only beautiful, but functional.


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