2011 National Stationery Show: The paper chase has begun

The National Stationery Show is always fun. It’s time to see what’s new and creative for the upcoming year.  I’ll be honest…this years’ selection was a lot smaller than other years, which makes me wonder if the Internet is taking over or if people are just giving up on designing.  I really hope not.  I love paper and know that as a bride and groom, this is an important part of your wedding – the invitation.

Here are a few of my favorite designer’s and other whimsy from the 2011 National Stationery Show.

Syddesign – While they have lovely wedding invitations, I love their whimsical every day note and birthday cards.  Both have beautiful graphic designs and colors that pop.  The letter blocking and occasional ‘swirl’, had me at first sight.

Thomas Printers has been in the printing business for a long time, but their letterpress printed invitations are delish. Really bold colors, great designs and lovely colors, they will custom anything for you.  I’ve felt a lot of letterpress but there was something about the quality of their paper that still has me feeling my sample.  This is really beautiful quality.

If you are a DIY kind of bride who is searching for a bit of wedding invitation bling, The Buckle Boutique is for you.  They offer a selection of rhinestone buckles that will perfectly compliment your invitation.  They will create custom designs and colors to match your needs.

Irish linen is becoming a trend for 2012 and you can be among the first.  Walking down the aisle with a beautiful embroidered handkerchief or giving one as a keepsake for your mom (or his) is a sure keeper.  Edward Boutross, Inc., can also create guest towels, monogram linens and other keepsakes.  They promise a quick turn around so these can also be great gifts for your bridesmaids or a lovely housewarming gift for the happy new couple.

For all the Tech couples Got Skins is the perfect company for personalized skins for your iAnything, e-readers and laptop.  You can personalize your wedding colors, and give this very personal gift to your wedding party.  With a 4 day turn around, you can do it and forget it…it will be ready and waiting for you.

Let’s face it, it’s not a happy topic (well not usually), but it happens.  We all go into marriage with the hopes and desires that it will last forever, but sometimes it just doesn’t.  Well, Happily Never After is new and has divorce covered.  Their goal is to “lighten-up” the very sad feelings that happen after divorce.  So why put it here – well, let’s face it…it happens and sometimes true love happens the second time around.


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