Chase Blueprint wants couples to be financially responsible

Before walking down the aisle, American couples are taking a close look at your finances. When it comes to managing personal finances within a marriage, I’m sure you would prefer not to be surprised for better or worse.  Chase Blueprint may have the answer.

“Considering the challenging economic times that have affected all Americans, it is not surprising that our research reveals that financial compatibility is carefully considered by couples getting ready to exchange vows,” said Caryn Kaiser, general manager, Chase Card Services. “The data suggests that engaged and married women strongly believe that it is important to have the same goals and open communication about their personal finances, whether good or bad.”

So what to do?  Well, I know you want the fairy-tail wedding, but you can’t possibly put that kind of pressure on yourself or your parents with the economy the way things are now.  The Chase-BRIDES Wedding Finances Survey reveals that wedding costs are spread across the family.  This may also mean adopting an innovative cost saving approach to wedding planning. Sure you want to have a pretty dress and celebrate like royalty, but it’s about “being responsible by defining priorities to keep their financial goals on target.”

Nine in 10 of these credit card users expect to have paid off their wedding-related purchases within a year, including more than a third who plan to pay everything off within three months. Chase Blueprint helps these customers manage their spending and borrowing, allowing them to set up a simple plan to pay off large purchases that saves them money on interest.

You can still have a beautiful wedding, just be smart about how you spend. Remember in the end it’s about the marriage not the dress (or very expensive party you have for your friends…).


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