Tide to go keeps wedding stains away

OMG…you have dreamt of this day for years and as the day get closer, your nightmare has been a stain on your wedding day (cue in music).  Do you think Royal brides are having these same thoughts??

When you are interviewing your wedding coordinator (and YES you should have one, even if just day of), ask them what they use to get out stains.  I’m sure more than half will say, “Tide to Go Mini”.  Why, well it’s the size of a lipstick and can easily fit in their emergency kit.  What’s more, if you happen to get a stain, then you can quickly get rid of it.

It has the same powerful stain fighting formula as original Tide to Go, but the new Mini version is what you’re going to need not lugging around a gallon of the stuff.  This will not only make you the smartest bride but the savviest.  Just a thought…you know the crazy groomsman who bumps into your bridesmaid or guest…how about making sure you have at least a stick or two in the powder rooms.  Guests will appreciate it.

The Tide to Go Mini is available for a suggested retail price of $2.99 for one pen and $5.49 for a two-pack.



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