Contest: Alfred Angelo for your bridesmaids

In these trying economic times, it’s to stop – look and enter every contest you can for your wedding.  The cost to you (as the bride and groom) is pretty crazy, but it can be the same way for your bridal party. You know…gifts, parties, showers… it adds up!

So every week in August one bride will win their bridesmaids party absolutely free from Alfred Angelo!  You can select up to six bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party, from their collection of 55 colors!  Did I hear squeals of joy??

Register to win at an Alfred Angelo signature store.  To find the closest Alfred Angelo Signature Store, click here 


3 thoughts on “Contest: Alfred Angelo for your bridesmaids

  1. thanks for this information! six bridesmaid dresses from Alfred Angelo? I should register to win those lovely dresses for my wedding party! I’m getting married in Las Vegas in February 2012. I’m so excited and anxious!!! very useful post!

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