Wine Wednesday: Propose with Glenmorangie 1981 the $3,600 superscotch

Have you been dating someone for a while and really tired of waiting to see if they will pop the question?  Stop waiting and do it yourself and if your partner is a Whiskey drinker I think this will guarantee a yes!

Glenmorangie Pride 1981 whisky is the culmination of 28 years of passion, patience and artistry. At its heart is the remarkable Glenmorangie 1981 Vintage, which was aged for 18 years in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels after maturing in oak casks for 18 years.  What does this mean in English?  This whisky is…smooth.  If that doesn’t get you, then the fact that only 1,000 bottles will be produced (only 100 in the US), it’s in an elegant Baccarat crystal decanter, which is numbered.

So why would this take the place of a ‘ring’…well, you know that it has matured – like your love.  It’s been crafted with care – like your relationship. It costs at the lower end of most engagement rings – $3,600 – a bargain, yet you will be sipping on every special occasion you both will have in the future.  Just think of it as an investment.  Ok…buy a ring too…just in case.


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