Felissimo encourages building a better future for all

Felissimo has a single goal: to create a better world for future generations through support programs that promote design and culture on both the local and international level.  After the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, Felissimo has tirelessly worked to encourage others to show their love and sympathy for the people affected by these events.

Like many in many industries (including the wedding industry), funds have been raised and events held to give money for Japan. But you know, as time moves forward, memories (sometimes) begin to fade.  However, I know there are lots of couples that want to support charities instead of giving unusable gifts for their bridal party.  Brides if you are looking for a special gift, I think that this is a great idea. 

The Allumonde (meaning “Light the World”) Charity Ring for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief ring is only $24.   This ring was created as a symbol of hope and a reminder to continue to support those who need hope to be brave.  21% of the proceeds will be donated – 19% to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund to support the affected areas and the people, and 2% to UNESCO/Tribute 21 DREAM centers which provides children in post-conflict regions of the world with opportunity to express themselves through art, reading dance and music.

So as you bravely walk in to your future, with your bridal party at your side, what a better way to share your hope for a bright new future.


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