Beyonce in bridal boudoir basquet bliss by Agent Provacateur

Oh they say the best revenge after a breakup is looking good and finding a new love.  In the latest video “Best Thing I Never Had”, Beyonce proves that it’s ok to have memories, but the future can be oh-so-sweet. What does this have to do with bridal?  This video actually provides some helpful ‘getting ready for your big day’ hints.  But before that, major koodos to NYC designer Lleah Rae, who is a Parsons School of Design graduate.  She designed the super sultry cover using silks, lace, embellishments, innovative knitting, beading and embroidery techniques. I’m sure we’ll soon see a lot from this young designer.

Every bride wants to be beautiful on her wedding day and that means from the underpinning on out.  The opening scenes shows Beyonce in her bedroom dressed in a sheer white corset lace-up back, with suspenders and garter.  Oh, how I wish I could fit in this…and if you’re thinking the same thing, you actually can.  It is sexy and a sensual surprise for your honey on your wedding night.  This is Penelope Basque from Agent Provacateur’s 2011 bridal collection.

Your hair, aside from your crowning glory should complement your veil…or vise verse.  Beyonce wore her hair pulled back in two tight buns at the base of her neck.  This was sleek and when the veil came off, her hair was still super smooth and photo ready.  When she decided to change her hairstyle for her rehearsal, the buns gave way to loose and free-flowing waves.  While that may work for some brides, you have to decide for yourself.  We all have different hair textures and frankly, you may want to keep your bridal hair until you retire for the night. 

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HINT: When you are getting your hair done, wear a button-down shirt.  Why…if you spend hours getting the perfect hair-style…you don’t want to either have it messed up as you pull your t-shirt over your hair OR you could just have someone cut you out of it. Scissors anyone??

The dress was fitting; the bodice was snug against her breasts and not puckering (aka muffin top) or any gaps and she wore the dress not the other way around.   Finding the dress that fits your body is key!  Trends are great, but if it doesn’t fit…just say no.

The other trend is changing dresses and while some change into something short or even a bright/bold color, there isn’t anything wrong with an extra white gown or short white dress.  Duchess Catherine did it, Kate Moss did it….I’m sure you know a bride who did it.  However, make sure it’s comfortable and please keep in mind this is not the club.  Don’t make it so short that…well, you know. The gown (or second dress), is from the 2004 Vera Wang collection and available at Vera Wang Bridal Salons.  This halter v-neck sheath with velvet roses at the back of the halter, is about $2,900. (See, not every gown has to be RIGHT OFF the runway…find something that you like and rock it your way on your day!)

Finally and most importantly, it is your day.  Have fun. It may be normal to think briefly about the one that ‘might have got away’, but it’s your day and hopefully, you’re marrying the right one.


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