Hyperpigmentation is the new wrinkle – Clear up with Elure

A clean and clear face is what every bride wants for her wedding day.  So the thought of discolorations and uneven skin-tone is enough to send you into a panic.  Truly age spots, sunspots, and ugly discoloration, hyperpigmentation has become the new wrinkle for many.  There is a new product on the market called Elure that has a complete range of luxurious skin products to quickly and safely ‘lighten’ your skin.  Now I’m not talking Michael Jackson lightening, but it is the first and only skin-lightening product that works by directly breaking down melanin.  Improvement can be seen in about 28 days.

It has been comprehensively evaluated in safety studies and has also been found to have a low risk for skin irritation.  While it is formulated for all skin types, you should ask  your physician whether elure is the right product for your skin.

I can say that I tried the product and attended an event about a week ago.  One of my friends said, “your skin looks amazingly clean and clear.”  After I thought about it, I guess it did for sure.  Just a drop and I do mean a drop of the cleanser (it’s so rich it lathers up quickly) and then the lotion regiments both day and night – so easy!

There are tons of lotions and potions that you can buy over the counter.  What I like about Elure is that there are actual doctors that have worked on the formulation of the product. Elure does not have the side effects often associated with topical skin lighteners, such as irritation, contact dermatitis and even post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is gentle, quick and effective.  While this is available exclusively through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic practitioners and medispas, no prescription is required.

I’m a believer. Ask your dermatologist and start your regiment toward clean, clear skin today.


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