Accupressure by Spoonk provides welcomed stress relief

No matter how calm you may be, your body doesn’t lie and when you’re stressed…it shows.  A slumped bride (or groom) is not a good sight.  I am a big believer in using alternative methods to help – yoga, Pilates, acupuncture and am willing to try something new.  When the opportunity to try the Spoonk Accupressure Massage Mat came along, I jumped on it.  This yoga styled mat has over 6,000 flower-shaped raised pressure points.  These points stimulate blood flow and nerve endings to help your muscles relax.   Did it – yes totally!

They use a “Spook technology”, which is a combination of shiatsu massage and as strange as it seems and sounds an Indian bed of nails. I tell you at first look and feel, you will think “No way on this torture mat”, but I assure you, once you lay on it, your body will ease into it and relax.

It’s been known to relieve headaches, neck tension and sore feet.  They also say that it’s been shown to help improve digestion, improve sleep and boost energy – all things you need during the engagement process.

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A very green product, this is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), 100 percent organic cotton cover, or 100 percent hemp cover and a combination of both if that’s what you prefer.

It comes in tons of great colors and if you’re looking for a unique gift for your bridal party, or just want something to help you relax…this is simple, effective and affordable. What, you would like one or one for your entire bridal party?  Well, just ‘like’ them on their facebook page  to get a promo code for $10 off their hemp mats.  Who loves ya baby??


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