black|Up gives all-day fade proof makeup for women of color

French women are celebrated for their “Je ne sais quoi”; black|Up cosmetics was created to bestow everyone with that certain something.   black|Up, which name stems from a play on the word “make up,” is the first Make-Up Artist brand created for and dedicated to women of color, especially those with darker complexions.  Over the past decade, the Parisian brand has grown to offer high-end cosmetic products suited for every woman’s unique needs.  Today, black|Up cosmetics is the #1 ethnic makeup brand in all of France and has expanded to encompass women of all complexions.

black|Up cosmetics offers consumers a complete make-up line with rich natural pigments for extreme radiance and incomparable hold.  The brand’s focus is on complexion and saturated color, the two areas that women of color struggle with the most when purchasing makeup. 13 different colors of foundation and 36 bold hues of eye shadow including subtle browns and pinks as well as glamorous blues, greens and purples.  All the eye shadows are created with rich pigment that stands out against darker skin. black|Up also has 26 different lipsticks shades that nourish and soften, 11 different sparkling eye shadows that instantly laminate your eyes, and 8 eye and lip pencils. In addition, the line offers consumers a vibrating mascara that separates and lengthen lashes in both black and blue.

“black|Up cosmetics fills the void that now exists in the industry, offering women of color high-end cosmetics designed specifically with them in mind ” said Lionel Durand, Managing Director of black|Up cosmetics. “Women in American have been ordering our products for years, so we are thrilled to be able to give a quality solution for their cosmetic needs.”

black|Up currently available in 172 stores in France alone and 171 other stores throughout Europe and Africa, including Belgium, Portugal, Ghana and Kenya.  Now its available online at


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