Wine Wednesday: Bastille Day another reason to love the French

July 14 we can celebrate the French national holiday locally.  While I’m sure you would truly love to be in France…or even French-speaking Montreal, you can still celebrate with a great champagne (it can be champagne ONLY if it is made in France – otherwise it’s a Cava), and macarons.

Macaron shops are popping up everywhere and they are fabulous take-aways for your wedding reception…or any wedding related food event.  They are totally bite-sized, come in tons of flavors and honestly no one I know can resist.   Did you know that these cookies made their first appearance at Catherine de Medici’s wedding in 1533 – they were married for life.  So I think that’s a good sign.

Here are a few places where you can find them:

Kee’s Chocolates SoHo – 80 Thompson Street 

Macaron Café – 625 Madison Ave (enter on 59th Street)

La Maison du Macaron – 132 West 23rd Street 

I know your first thought…French pastries’…French Champagne right.  Nope.  The dryness of the champagne will be a bit too much for the dessert.   So go for something that’s a bit bubbly, but sweeter like Cerdon du Bugey, or a sparkling rose. Of course they are also just as delish with an herbal tea or coffee.

So thank you to our friends in France for Champagne, Fashion and Macarons . Viva la France!!


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