When a bride cries are they tears of terror or joy? Princess Charlene of Monoco cries at church

I’ll confess something…I watched the Royal Wedding of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene twice yesterday.  First when it aired and then again later in the day.  I never should have, as once was really enough. I wanted to see if I was ‘reading too much into it, which is why I went back for more.  My thought was to view and not compare it to the wedding of Prince William and Catherine, but the Royal Wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene was just so painful.  I know some brides cry…but I was in tears and heartbroken for her.

If you take a look at the pictures of their civil marriage, were there signs in her wedding day outfit? It was a powder-blue corset, chiffon pleated palazzo pants and a powder blue jacket decorated with tiny silver and pearl buttons, which she designed with Karl Lagerfeld.  Her hair was a low bun.  It was relaxed and yet some have speculated that the ‘blue’ was code to how she was actually feeling.  Were his eyes open a sign of his ‘disconnection’ to what was to be a romantic moment?

Her facial express at the actual wedding ceremony was a combination of panic and sadness.  Their body language was so reserved, one might think this was an arranged marriage and their first meeting. They barely looked at each other and Charlene mostly looked at the floor.  Their kiss was so extremely painful to watch…I actually had to look away.  I didn’t expect deep-throat passion…but at least ‘I like you.’  The kisses (William and Catherine and Albert and Charlene) were SO DIFFERENT.

The more I watched, the more I wondered if this was for show.  If she/they got caught up in the cost (estimated $65million) and people flying from all over and how ‘bad’ it might look to call it off with three days notice. When her veil was caught, he barely stopped as she waited for help to untangle it. He rolled his eyes and seemed bothered as they fixed the train of her gown.  He spent lots of time waving to the crowd while she, had to be reminded at times.

The last straw, was their time at Chapel of St. Devota as she symbolically laid her wedding bouquet, the emotions simply overwhelmed her to the point of sobs. At that point…my heart went out to her. I wanted to reach through CNN’s live stream and hug her…because he wasn’t.  In fact, Prince Albert looked annoyed…really annoyed.  When your new, I mean 20-minute-old wife cries, an arm around her, pat her hand, some emotion would have endeared him 1,000 fold to his people. Instead he looked like he really could not have been bothered..more he looked as if she was embarrassing him.   I thought only the English were known for a ‘stiff-upper lip.’

Could Princess Charlene’s emotional breaking point been reached when the reality that she is truly married to someone who possibly cheated on her within the last nine-months? Is it because ‘an arrangement’ was reached between them,’ as reported by Le Journal  du Dimanche making this not a ‘marriage or fairytale’ come true?  Did she just realize that this marriage just wasn’t what she wanted?

Sources said the Monaco palace had hoped the glitzy wedding – attended by a host of celebrities and European royalty – would ‘overshadow’ new claims about secret children fathered by Albert.  Even as they jet off to South Africa for a honeymoon, DNA testing is being done to see if he is indeed a father…again.

What would you do? If you found out that the person you were about to marry, cheated on you and there is a possibility of a child would you stay or go? Would a price be attached and if so, how much?  Of course we don’t know what the real story is…she very well could have just be overwhelmed at becoming a real life Princess.

What can a bride learn from the Royal Weddings?

1 – You can love and be loved by your ‘prince’/’princess’.

2 – Holding hands, touching, are required daily and absolutely necessary.

3 – Weddings are emotional times and if your partner is suddenly in tears, do something!  This is the person you’re just swearing to be with forever, so lean into them, tell them a joke, a kiss on the cheek – something – anything. Showing compassion is a requirement and will make your action endearing to all that witness it.

4 – If you have that sinking feeling, no matter how much it costs…put it on hold, or call it off.  Trust me, it’s better before the ‘I do’.

No matter what, both Princesses were beautiful…hopefully they will have their happily ever after.

Here’s wishing Prince Albert and Princess Charlene all the best.




2 thoughts on “When a bride cries are they tears of terror or joy? Princess Charlene of Monoco cries at church

  1. I also watched the wedding on CNN, but at the chapel, I don’t think she was crying out of emotion, if you really observe from when they entered as they walk to the altar, HE tells her something (sort of scolding her for something she did not do) and she looks overwhelmed and starts crying while looking at him, then she lowers her face and continues to cry while he looks at her as if saying”why the hell are you crying?”…that was what I sensed at this particular moment. The rest of the wedding was painful to watch, I felt very sorry for this woman, and even more for what she will have to endure now that there is no way back!

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