Kate Moss beautiful wedding day

Tradition dictates a bride should wear something old, borrowed, new and blue when they walk down the aisle.

And it looks like Kate Moss may have managed to get at least three things right as she headed to her wedding rehearsal dinner in the Cotswolds this evening.

The beaming bride-to-be wore a hippy-style turquoise dress, with sky-high blue heels.  What I find more interesting is that for someone who is so public, she has reportedly closed two towns near the village of Southrop where she is getting married.  Of course the locals will have passes, but no others will.  No one is going to ruin her festival-styled wedding.

Kate also revealed that her wedding dress has been designed by John Galliano – which is very good news for the designer on trial in Paris for making anti-semetic remarks. I will say that it proves that she is loyal and not a fair-weather friend.  For that reason alone – Koodos to you Kate!!

…Just a bit ago, I got pictures of the happy couple, in her dress along with all their flower girls.  She looks really beautiful and the dress fits her perfectly.  Here’s wishing them lots of love and luck.


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