Wine Wednesday: Sherry an alternative drink for your wedding festivities

Sherry can be described in one word: versatility. There is a type of Sherry for every taste, every mood and every occasion.  I do believe that it brings your favorite foods to life and works in some cases, better than some wines.  It’s all about experimenting and finding the flavor that works best for you.

Christopher Columbus actually carried Sherry over from Spain and it’s been a staple here ever since.  Unlike wine (if you decide to buy it in bulk), Sherry is ONLY made in Spain and should be stored standing up to minimize the amount of time wine has contact with oxygen.   It can be chilled or served at room temperature.  Either way I hope you enjoy.

Here is a little bit about the eight varieties of Sherry.  Why not include a sherry-tasting bar at one of your wedding events.  It’s just another way to make your wedding memorable.

Fino: This is a pale/golden colored wine with a sharp bouquet.  It’s light, dry and will remind you of almonds.  Best Served: Seafood and soups.

Manzanilla: Straw-colored with a dry, sharp bouquet, but the taste is light. Best Served: Chilled with Spanish olives, Marcona Almonds (these are ones that are smooth, stripped of the brown ‘casing’ and so yummy!!) and Machego cheese.

Amontillado: Amber-colored with a sharp but subtle bouquet that will remind you of hazelnuts.  It’s light brown and velvet smooth.  Best Served: Hot and spicy foods, desserts dishes or sip with nuts.

Oloroso: This is initially dry, but the amber and mahogany colored wine is truly memorable. It’s one of the ‘nuttiest’ flavored of all the Sherries. Best Served: Salty or spicy cured meats, especially any Spanish sausage or meats.  Also good with all beef (especially steak).

Palo Cortado: A bright mahogany color, this round, smooth wine has a smooth finish on your tongue.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely full-bodied.  Best Served: with duck or any other ‘heavy meat’.

Cream: This is one that you may be most familiar with. This is a sweet, mahogany colored wine, that has an intense aroma, and is like velvet on the palate.  Best Served: Over ice or with an orange slice.

Moscatel: This is one of the sweetest of all the wines.  It’s soft dessert wine made only from sun-dried Moscatel grapes and for some even though sweet, is an acquired taste.  Best Served: That block of chocolate you love, raisins of figs.  In other words…if it’s sweet, it just may work.

Pedro Ximenez: A dark, mahogany wine with a deep bouquet of raisins.  It’s smooth and sweet in your mouth.   Best Served: If you have an ice cream bar this is ideal.  A scoop of vanilla ice cream or with a piece of dark chocolate will have your guests saying, “That was a party.”

So no matter if you use as an aperitifs before dinner or dessert, it works and please remember to drink responsibly.


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