Spain: Emperatriz 2012 Bridal Lingerie collection

All I can say is WOWZA!!  These are not your mom’s undergarments!  Then again, why should they be.  With the majority of the world saying “embrace your feminine side”, this is something I really wish the American bridal market would embrace.  What goes on under your gown can be more than “garments to suck you in”.  Even if it’s not…these are some beautiful ideas for after the wedding.

The collection of this bridal lingerie and party wear specialist Emperatriz, has almost 60 years in the market, is called “Bassons”, and is divided into five different lines, each with their own personality.

The first, “Rose”, looks to baroque romanticism, with ruches and drapes combined with embroidery and tulle transparency. “Secret” favours princess lines with satin combinations and geometric motifs. “Lotus”, for brides on the cutting-edge, features flowers and the rebrodée embroidery technique.

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Satin with plumetti jacquard and embroidery are the stars of “Confetti”, whilst “Ideal” is the perfect choice for a minimalist bride.


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