One day until my wedding nerves are taking over

Dearest Lisa,

My heart is pounding because there is less than 24 hours until I marry the man of my dreams…my true Prince Charming William.  I have butterflies the size of birds and am terrified of flubbing my vows or god forbid crying as I walk down the aisle messing up my makeup.

I must say that I’ve just heard that William’s brother Harry, his date Chelsea who I like, is planning a change of dress.  I don’t know if that is proper.  I’m not jealous by any means – my dress(s) are simply gorgeous; I just don’t think I would have done that if the rolls were reverse.  There are just so many little things I don’t know if they are done and it’s really getting late.  I’m having a family dinner and William is going to be with his father and brother.

I can’t believe that I’m getting married in the morning!!

Honestly, I can’t thank you enough for keeping me calm, all your wonderful vendor recommendations and for simply being someone I felt comfortable with.  Wish you were coming but I realize you have other brides to help.

Thank you very much my dear Fairy Godmother.  Today I sign off as Kate…tomorrow I’ll be Catherine.



My Dearest Kate,

I’m really excited for you.  Did you know there is another Kate getting married in the morning as well??  Of course you did.

Let me remind you to breathe! I know it may sound simple but when you want perfection on your wedding day there are times when you simply forget to Breathe.

This is all you have to remember:

You will be a beautiful bride! No matter if you think you should have lost an extra 5 or 50 lbs, if there is a zit that appears or if you get a run in your stockings…YOU WILL BE BEAUTIFUL.  No one will remember the small things; they will only remember your smile, your joy, your happiness on this day.

You can’t worry about what others will wear (even though I think a guest changing is a bit tacky!).  You are the star of this day and all eyes will be on you.  Nothing will take away from your bridal glow.

Tears of joy…I don’t know many people who wouldn’t think it sweet if you shed a tear or two.  Now, a full-on gut-wrenching sob…that might be a problem.  If that should happen, stop take a moment, gather your self, take a deep breath and if you think it just nerves, don’ worry – proceed.  IF however you think you’re marrying into the wrong family, there is absolutely nothing wrong with postponing the start of your ceremony or even canceling it.  Don’t worry if you’ve spent $20 thousand or $1 million.  You must be happy.  Better to end it now then spend years of unhappiness.

So tonight what should you do?  Go and enjoy dinner with your family.  They will be your support and keep you grounded no matter what happens in the future. Do limit your drinking, as alcohol will cause you to bloat and have puffy eyes.  So not a good look no matter how much make-up you have.  Then take a bath and try to rest.  I know you’re excited and you should be.  You’re a bride.

So off you go rest and wake up refreshed, ready for a full day of fun.

Here’s wishing you tons of happiness, years of love and laughter.

Yours In Bridal



2 thoughts on “One day until my wedding nerves are taking over

  1. lets hope it goes well and theres lots of love and happiness to
    may all the weddings today be very wonderfull to
    may all your dreams and wishes be fullfilled today
    and may your smile be sparkling and you have
    a lovely day may your life be long
    and your marriage to
    may your life be wonderfull
    and full of happiness smiles and great fun to.

    lovely poest on your blog take care from kevin i enjoyed reading this good luck.

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