An official Royal Photo

Ok….no matter how “Royal Wedding” tired you are…you have to admit these are two adorable kids!  They look SO happy and I’m sincerely happy for them. While everything has a place…if you look for a symbol, in this picture, she (Kate) is slightly in front of him. To me, that says, he is putting Kate, his wife, first in his life. Ahhh!!  Ok, so maybe its not that deep, but I like the thought don’t you?

Relaxed and in love

Being married is hard work – no seriously!  It’s not just playing house, it’s communication, compromise, communication, trust, communication, keeping your partner happy, communication, not taking each other for granted and becoming ‘roommates’…and did I say communication?

I think that if they stay grounded (as much as Royals can) they will be fine.  I also believe that the next three years living not in a castle, but on the military base will be good for them.  They will have major benefits (don’t get me wrong), but they will have each other to depend on. To continue to grow their love and friendship for each other.

Wow…24 hours GST and it will all begin.


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