NYC EVENTS: Royal Parties by Molton Brown

I’ve been obsessed with three English brands since my days at University at Oxford.

1 – Lush – Thank GOD they finally came across the pond. My luggage used to weigh a ton with all the bath bombs!

2 – Boots – Anything/everything at Boots was amazing.  Just so you know “Boots”, when we get it here is equal to the generic brand.  Boots is the name of the pharmacy not a type of beauty company….but Their #7 products rock!! (get them at CVS)

3 – Molton Brown – I loved the gels and candles…

I’m THRILLED that all three of my favorite brands are here.  I’m even MORE excited that Molton Brown is hosting not one but two parties this week for the Royal Wedding.

Like every good thing, you start with the Bachelor Party at their Madison Avenue Store.  Looks like some great goodies and chances to win some great products.

Since you didn’t get an invitation to the Royal After-party, why not head down to their Soho Shop for more fun.I know what will everyone in the wedding world do after Friday and of course all the ‘should have, could have’ commentary?  Do I hear…baby in the works….that’s an entirely other blog.


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