Three days away and the ‘royal’ groom seeks advice

Dear Fairy Godmother

I see my dear Kate has written you.  Actually she has said what a great help you’ve been.  My name is William and I was hoping that you might be able to share some advice with me as well.

I’ve been trying to make suggestions for our wedding and be understanding of the stress she must feel.  I do believe that my family has added what seems like one thousand people to the list (my father and grandmother have a lot of friends who must be invited), must add to it.  However I want her to be happy and while the primary focus will be on her, I have some questions about myself and my groomsmen.

I’m in the military so I’m sure to wear my military suit to the ceremony.  Kate happens to like me in it, so that’s good.  My brother is also in the military, but a few of my groomsmen are not.  What shall I tell them to wear?  Should we just all wear suits?

Also as Kate may have shared with you, I have given her my mother’s engagement ring.  While I don’t’ think she cared, I do want to give her something a bit special for our wedding that is just hers.  The thing is I’m not sure what to give her.

Finally, I will tell you that I am a bit nervous about all that’s about to happen.  Not about marrying her – I love her, but the “all eyes on us and flubbing it up.”  My face is beginning to take the toll and if you have any recommendations on facial products to keep my skin clear and clean on Friday, I would really appreciate it.

All right then, I appreciate all that you’ve done for Katie and I look forward to your reply.

Very Truly-Yours,

William Arthur Philip Louis Wales

Dear William,

First I must congratulate you, not only on your upcoming wedding, but also for being willing to ask for help.  Yes the entire engagement process can be stressful not only for the bride, but for guys as well.  As I have told Kate, as long as you continue to communicate and remember to put each other first, everything will be fine.  The wedding will be over in a few hours and the real fun and growth of your Marriage will then begin after the last song (no matter what hours of the day the party) ends.

How lucky that you and your brother have your wedding attire already done?  As for your groomsmen and time of day, a morning suit would be dashing and proper if you choose not to wear your uniform.  Tie and Tails would be a bit formal for the church, but if you’re having a formal reception (after 4:00pm) then why not change.  A bit of old-Hollywood glamor would be a fun surprise.  Actually, Kate said that you were having several parties so I would recommend that you change too.  This way you’ll still be formally dressed, but perhaps a bit more comfortable.  If you are wearing your uniform in the morning, then change into a suit for your reception and then take off the tie and party like crazy that night.  I foresee this being a trend that men changing for their reception as well…why not chart the course.  I love Michael Andrews Bespoke for fine tailoring and Italian cloth will cut a fine suit.  There is also Paul Smith, Brooks Brothers, My.Suit and of course Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs.

I’m sure that as a military person, you’re hair is well-kept, but you’re right to want to make sure that your skin is as clean and clear.  Dermalogica has a great skin care kit that is specifically tailored for men.  If you are looking for a day for your entire grooms party to do hair cuts, skin care and don’t forget your nails, then Nickel Spa is just for men.  So go and relax.  If however you’re looking for tips from one of the best in the business, Craig the Barber is the man many celebrities turn to before their on-camera moments.

Ah…a gift for Kate.  While I’m sure you would want to give her the crown jewels, why not a beautiful pearl necklace, charm bracelet, after wedding day at the spa or I do believe the best gift is being a good husband, provider, partner and friend. Carolee has long replicated pearl necklaces of queens and first ladies and since she is the queen of your house, it’s only fitting.  I also love Links of London for their wide selection of charms – fill a bracelet with charms of places you’ve visited or things you both like to do.

I wish you both all the luck in the world.  I will say that Kate is a very lucky girl.  Any bride wants her groom to be involved in the planning and you’ve proven that you are willing to do that. 




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