Say Yes to Something Blue Jewelry by David Tutura

How lucky am I to have attended a private lunch for editors with David Tutura as he announced and launched his “Something Blue Jewelry Collection” for Sears.

“Each collection gives every girl a moment to discover the identity of which type of bride she is.  This special moment begins not when a girl walks down the aisle, but the minute she says yes to her special someone”

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The four collections that David has put together are simply stunning – and frankly…I’m so happy for both David and Sears.  I mean “SEARS”?  Let’s be honest, when you think of engagement rings Sears isn’t the first place that pops to mind.  However, I spent some time with Sears  executive team and after seeing their passion and love for couples, I was hooked.  The Sears brand has always been associated with quality, long-lasting and ‘home’, so this is a good pairing. After seeing the collection, this amazing and affordable collection, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

‘There are four types of brides’ David says, so he created one for each:

Eternal – “Cherish your bright future.”  The Eternal collection is for the bride with classic taste, who cherishes memories through out the years.

Heirloom – “Your love makes history.” The Heirloom collection has a sense of tradition, offering the bride a way to bring her past into the future.

Radiance – “All eye on you.”  The Radiance collection is perfect fo the dazzling bride with glamorous tastes.

Legacy – “The love story continues.” The Legacy continues with timeless and sophisticated designs, each with a story to tell.

David said that he drew inspiration from tradition and his love of flowers, and with that in mind, all of the solitaire rings have a signature “floral head.”  It’s so cool to see – it’s like your love blooms each and every time you look at the ring.  Why “Something Blue”?  Well inspired by a Victorian poem, he designed the collection to contain in the inner band of the ring a genuine blue sapphire. What a beautiful concept: you have your ‘new and blue’ at the moment you say “yes” (ok…so I want to say ‘…to the dress’…but that comes after the ring).  What is important to remember is that the color ‘blue’, has been recognized to mean love and loyalty so this really special touch adds even more to your ring…and the person who gave it to you. Only someone who is passionate about brides and making their dreams come true would add something so meaningful.

“Each ring, like each bride, is completely unique with its own story to tell.  All you have to do is look”

You can find this wonderful collection of rings (there are also beautiful watches and necklaces) at your local Sears or online at

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