Destination Mexico: Playa del Carmen

Oh I know that there is a slight fear factor when it comes to Mexico…but lets just put it out there. Yes, there are certain places in Mexico (and California, Chicago, Idaho… I could go on) that have problems.  What I can tell you is that Playa del Carmen is on the eastern tip of Mexico and is primarily all resorts.  What does this mean for you – a police presence that keeps its visitors safe.

One of my favorite hotel properties in Playa del Carmen is Condo Hotels.  Just as the name implies, the ‘rooms’ are truly complete apartments that have all the amenities of a larger hotel property. LOVE IT! What makes this property really unique is that there are actually 4 unique properties, all within walking distance of each other.

Porta Playa is Mediterranean style with cascading waterfalls, lush tropical gardens and the penthouse has great ocean views.

Maya Villa the newest property, is already thought of as the ‘jewel of the playa properties’. The Jade colored Gecko mosaic and glass pool truly sparkles next to a 40-foot waterfall.

Villas Sacbe is super sweet and cozy.  Only 12 rooms, why not rent out the entire property?  This intimate boutique hotel offers a tranquil experience yet is only 1 block from the heart of their “5th Avenue”. Honestly, once you enter, you’ll feel like you entered another world.

El Taj, is their premier condominium. Between being 50 feet from the ocean, having a mosaic infinity pool and all the comforts of home, you won’t want to leave. If you want a beach wedding without the sand in your veil (and toes), then their penthouse offers sweeping views of the ocean under a giant thatched roof.  There are just so many options.

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From a mariachi band, to fire-twirlers for a wedding for two or 300, you can have a package tailored specifically for your needs. There are so many wonderful benefits from having your wedding in Carmen del Playa and even more by staying at one of the Condo Property.  You may like it so much…you might decide to do a time-share to keep the memories alive year after year.



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