Question: Just engaged and getting married in 7 days…help!

Dearest Bridal Fairy-Godmother,

William proposed tonight as we were sitting by the fire in our lodge in Africa.  I should have known something was going on, he was more antsy than normal.  I thought it was because wild boar was on the menu for dinner.

My ring is absolutely beautiful (a family heirloom – he comes from a ‘slightly well known’ family) and we both decided to buck the norm and get married in one weeks time.  Oh so much to do in 7 days – where shall I start?  I would truly appreciate any advice you may have.

Yours very truly,

Katie (no more waity here xo)

Dear Kate,

Congratulations on your recent engagement to William.  I’m sure he’s a real Prince of a guy.  You are very smart to realize that if you have one year or merely a week, you can’t possibly do it yourself.  My first suggestion (after you phone your families of course) is find a wedding planner.

Hiring a wedding planner is a must.  This person will help you gather your thoughts and focus on what needs to get done from your invitations, to logistics to things you can’t possibly imagine. While these are just a few of the many things they do, I promise this is the best investment you can make.  Here are a few of my suggestions.  If you want a vintage feel, you should check Love My Dress; If you want something more modern with just a splash of theatrical grandeur, then perhaps Curtain Up Events, but if you want William as an active partner in the planning, then Valley and Company is a great option as they are a young husband and wife team extraordinaire. In the end no matter which planner you choose, they will help you plan the perfect day.

Now, if you have a Kings ransom and money no object then I would recommend you ring someone like Preston Bailey, Diann Valentine, Mindy Weiss, or Shawn Rabideau as they are able to deal with weddings of epic proportion and celebrity stature.  You mentioned that William comes from a famous family, so I’m sure they will want something posh.

May I also recommend that you get Save the Dates or in your case your invitations done as quickly as possible.  Astrid Mueller Exclusive can create a likeness of you and William that will amaze everyone.  Lela New York, Ceci New York or Lehr and Black have beautiful and regal invitations that I’m sure will please even the stuffiest of grandmothers.

Have you thought about your venue yet?  Will it be a grand church like Westminster Abbey or The Riverside Church, will you choose to dash off to El Conquistador Hotel in Puerto Rico or perhaps Condos Hotel in Mexico where there’s enough room in the apartment-like suites for the entire bridal party?  The Opus Hotel in Montreal is also quite beautiful this time of year and if you like skiing, there is always the RockResorts in Colorado – simply stunning!

Then there is your dress, his attire, your bridal party and so much more.  Oh, I know this is a lot to think of so quickly but you don’t have much time.  Do feel free to write again with any questions you may have.  I’m here to help you.

Congratulations and all the best to you both.

Yours In Bridal


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