Accessory Council offers Mother’s Day Gift ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a mom (or be one) Mother’s Day is quickly approaching.  If you are looking for some great gift ideas for the mom or woman in your life, you should look at these recommendations by the Accessory Council.  Oh…these aren’t just for Mother’s Day, if you are wondering about a gift for your future mother in law, I can’t think of a better opportunity to really show you care.

Did someone say Lunch?

Lunch or dinner at a restaurant considered ‘fine-dining’, using the freshest locally sourced ingredients plus has a wine list of over 200 is Rouge Tomate.  This restaurant reduced its carbon footprint by choosing ecological materials made from recycled materials, using forest stewardship certified wood for floor and furniture and energy-efficient lighting.  Oh, and the food is so good!! This is a place where you can truly say “put your brand where your mouth is.”

Having a good “Hair” day:

I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t care about her hair.  HairRules provides a cleaner and condition in one process.  It helps to detangle your hair while you wash it, which means less hair breakage when you dry it.  It’s sulfate and paraben free so you know it’s good for your hair and the environment.

If you need to walk in with a gift in hand:

How about a leopard tote?  Nine West has a beautiful bag that is not only fashionable but also large enough to hold everything she needs.  I also love the cute yet spacious purse that is attached.  You can find it at nine west or Macy’s nationwide in time for Mother’s Day.  $79

So many designers are using headbands on their models this season.  To have a large mesh flower headband in rose gold by Colette Malouf, you have two for one.  Made of fine woven wire and large Swarovski crystals, this is truly jewelry for the hair.  Each piece is crafted by hand so no two will be exactly like….just like the woman in your life.  $158

Belk’s Originality Beads is as one of the leading brands of sterling silver bead charms.  You can show your personal style by mixing and matching them.  Available in Sterling silver, diamond or glass they come in a number of colors.  With hundreds of styles and endless combinations you can give one to your mom, one to your future mother in law and each would be uniquely special.  $25

How about a little Givenchy? Their necklaces they have silk colored stones in a hematite-tone setting.  This soft, feminine design adds shine to-day or evening dress.  One of their pieces with a crisp shirt and skirt or jeans will kick their outfit up a notch.  $65

Do you ever get tired of wondering where your keys are in the bottom of your bag?  I know I am.  These adorable animal key fobs from MCM will make it easier to find your keys in the deepest pocketbook.  Actually, they are so cute, you may want to have them showing on the outside of your bag.   $135

Sometimes it IS all about karma.  In this case, Good Charma has beautiful necklaces, bracelets, charms and accessories but the “Lucky 7” bracelet features genuine turquise, lapis, red coral an pyrite gemstones with sterling silver and 22k gold vermeil along with our favorite charm.  It’s really a beauty.

If a rich mother of pearl reflected under a faceted blue stone is more your speed, then the Perfect Match by Judith Jack is the answer. This necklace is available on a 18”-36” necklace in sterling silver, marcasite accented chain. $350

How about something fun and playful the Noon Copenhagen Watches are just that.  This is the only watch in the world with “turning disc” technology.  The dial of the watch actually changes and ‘shades’ the face of the watch as time passes. That makes figuring out what time it is a snap – cool huh?! $55-$155

Oh, how I love Michael Kors! I’m honestly one of his biggest fans (do you hear that Michael??) and his new eyewear collection is simply stunning.  Available in Petit or Glam, black or tortoise brown they are ideal for any face shape.  I know that she will like love them.  $100

I heard rumor that spring and dare I say summer will be arriving soon.  Dorfman Pacific is a millinery company that you should check out for a little sun protection.  A wide range of hats, styles, textures and colors I’m sure you can find something that will fit her personal style.  These may be wonderful for that garden or beach wedding….just a though. $42-$145 (women) $35-$75 (men)

Susan Beard Design creates a photo cube unlike any I’ve seen. You send them pictures and they will sculpt them into a perfect cube of photo’s that can be used as a planter, or any other shape you choose.  Why not create one filled with memories from your childhood and give it to your mom as a way of saying…Thanks for the memories. $120

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world.  I hope your day is filed with goodness and goodies.


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