Claire Pettibone 2012 Bridal Collection

Claire Pettibone is one of those designers with which you instantly feel a warm and fuzzy feeling.  She looks in your eyes when she speaks with you; she often puts her hand on your arm and shoulder and you instantly feel her undying love for the wedding business and brides worldwide.

Last season the Pettibone collection was all about the whimsical fairy.  This collection, Claire continues to capture the Spirit of the Night but in a truly regal way. Constance, Emmeline, Frances, Louisa and Norah are just a few of the names of the gowns that have jeweled eyelet lace, fluttering sleeves, silk flowers or flower trimmings.  Each gown must be for the queen of the fairies as  a regal look and feel about them.

I do believe that even though many brides will choose Claire Pettibone as the “beach wedding” dress to go to, don’t be fooled.  There are big wedding, bringing-sexy-back appeal to them as well.  What she wants the bride to remember is that people will see you twice: Once as you walk down the aisle and the second time as you stand there and your back should be just as view-worthy.  These are!

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There are a strapless, capped sleeve, capped ruffled bolero, handkerchief sleeves or lace straps.  Color options this season: ivory, pearl, blush, platinum, and candlelight -all beautiful.

Sizes range from size 2-20 so they will fit many brides.

I’ve included both some shots by me (Lisa M. Barr) as well as professional shots by George Chinsee.  If you want to see more photos and more detail shots, please check out our “Yours In Bridal” Fan Page on Facebook.


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