Catherine and the Jellybean

I had a great conversation with some ladies from the UK during bridal market.  When asked about all the fuss regarding the upcoming wedding, they said that it was “All US and not in Britain”.  Well….I spied this little piece (since I’m a lover of jellybeans) and thought…maybe there is some interest in the UK after all.

“A mango jelly bean that obviously, as you can see, has Kate’s face on it was discovered in the U.K. by a man who bought a jar of the treats for his girlfriend. He says, “As Jessica opened the jar, I saw her immediately. She was literally lying there staring back at me.” He plans to sell the royal incarnate on the Internet “to a collector.” (story found on Gawker)

Can you see me now?

Makes me want to run out a buy 1 pound to see if I can find her on the Strawberry jellybeans.


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