A nice day for a “White Wedding” with Vogue Russia

It’s been a crazy few days for me.  Completing bridal market and then I had to take a quick trip (totally unexpected) but I’ve been so excited to begin sharing all that I’ve seen during bridal market.  So as I put some of the finishing touches on them, gathering photos and making it ‘pretty’, I wanted to share this beautiful editorial.  I’m a huge fan of Vogue Fashion and often view several of their international issues.  After all, you never know what beautiful things you will find and I love what they’ve put together.

Vogue Russia ‘White Wedding’ editorial is so vintage springtime with forest nymph brides, lush foliage and a true Victorian feel.  This is a true example of newness, romance and a throwback to vintage couture.  What I wanted to share with you is the lace and ruffled detail of some of the dresses. Vintage is making a beautiful comeback.

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The photos are by fashion photographer Danil Golovkin, the Vogue Russia White Wedding editorial appears in the April 2011 Vogue Russia issue.


One thought on “A nice day for a “White Wedding” with Vogue Russia

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