Are you brown…Molton Brown?

I remember the first time I walked into their shop on High Street in London.  Wow! The smells were yummy and the packaging was great. I purchased a few “just to try” and then quickly became hooked.  So when they arrived in NY I was beyond thrilled (primarily because I didn’t have to ‘import it’ for my friends) that eveyone I knew could buy it for themselves.

So as it’s grown as a company their special section of targeted products have grown too.  Molon Brown Body Remedies, is antioxidant-rich and specifically designed to cleanse, sooth and cal the body and mind.  Gee, sounds like they had brides and grooms in mind when they created this.

The three collections: Renew, Hydrate and Sleep all have specific benefits that will tone, enrich and relax you with every use.

Renew: deeply cleans and improves your skin tone with antioxidant free radical and firming properties they derived from Ambrusca grape leaf extract.

Hydrate: This will sooth the driest most uncomfortable and sensitive skin.

Sleep: If your mind is racing, this will help you relax your body and mind because among other natural properties, the lavender ad orange oils really help.

Products range from $27-$39 and are found at any Molton Brown store or free-stand like Bloomingdale. The Molton Brown (515 Madison Avenue) happens to be my favorite one.  They also have great kits that you can put together for your bridesmaids, future groom and groomsmen.


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