Degree fitness tips with Kristin McGee

It’s that time of year when brides all across the city are moving their workouts from inside the gym to outdoors.  Let’s face it; life is more exciting when you move. Degree Women has teamed up with Fitness Expert Kristin McGee to share some easy ways to sneak more movement into every day.

1.     Rise and shine each morning with a set of high knee lifts.

2.     Walk wherever and when you can.

3.     Take the stairs two at a time to sneak walking lunges into your daily commute.

4.     Swap out your desk chair for a yoga ball to improve posture and strengthen core.

5.     Have a free moment? Do 20 jumping jacks to get your heart rate up and blood pumping.

6.     Carry, don’t cart your grocery bags and use their weight to do a few quick bicep curls to tone your arms.

7.     Sneak in some extra steps and park further away anytime you are in a store.

8.     Swap out usually dinner date and get moving with activities like walking dancing cycling or hiking.

9.     Remember to breathe deeply.

10. Stretch before bed for better slumber and to wake up feeling limber and refreshed.

Most of these things, if not all of them can be done daily.  As the weather gets nicer, if you’re near 42nd street, two loops around Bryant Park will not only get your heart-moving, you can then have your lunch sitting under the trees.  Why not leave a bit earlier and get off the train one or two stops before you have to.  The extra city blocks will help melt off the weight and the ‘fresh air’ will do you good after being in an office all day.

No matter what you do, these little tricks will help you get in better shape easily, which means you’ll look better and feel better on your wedding day.


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