The Essential Cami is truly an essential for everywoman

Let’s face it, the bubble-over in a low-cut dress or shirt isn’t really attractive. Trying to find a pin to keep it closed can ruin a garment. Most of all, if you have a low cut top it’s always a royal pain to find a cami or tee that will look cute and offer the coverage until now. The Essential Cami is the only backless camisole on the market. All other camisoles and abbreviated camisoles have straps or apparatus around the back that interferes with the contours of a dress. In other words, gives you lumps and bumps that you don’t want.

The kind of fitted dresses and tops that are worn at weddings, engagement parties and receptions are especially vulnerable to the bulges and fabric pile-on caused by camisoles that wrap around the back. Since you simply attach the Essential Cami to the bra (rather than wear it), it securely covers only the cleavage, which allows a smooth silhouette in the back. Brilliant!!

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Wearing a style such as the white sequins or white lace would add enhance any dress by adding a little extra wow-za. The Essential Cami would also come in handy on the honeymoon giving low-cut sweaters and tanks that extra coverage without having to wear another garment underneath.

In sizes from XS to 3X it will offer backless coverage for the majority of women out there.  Price ranges $34 to $42.  While they are still relatively new to the market, you can find them at Searle in NY and of course on-line at


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