Here Comes the Glow Kit by Renee Rouleau

I love, love, love Renée Rouleau so if that makes me a groupie, I gladly wear that badge.  I’ve tried a lot of products on my face, but am really careful because my skin is so sensitive.  Introduced to her products about 2 years ago, I became an immediate follower.  Why? They do what they say they will do.  I KNOW…Imagine that!  A product that actually clears up your skin, hammers down the zit that’s killing your flawless look and leaves your skin feeling like butta.

So I am thrilled to share she has finally created a kit especially for brides. Here Comes the Glow Bridal Kit by Renée Rouleau has three bridal essentials to ensure clear, blemish-free and smooth skin for the big day – Skin Smoothing Peel, Priming Lotion, and Blemish Spot RX.  Also included is one Renée Rouleau Facial Sponge.

Renée Rouleau says, “As an esthetician working with brides over the past 25 years, I know how important it is for the skin to look smooth, clear and glowing. It’s one of the most memorable days of a woman’s’ life, so she wants to put her best face forward and these bridal essentials will help her do just that.”

Face fit for your inner princess bride

So what’s in this miracle kit:

SKIN SMOOTHING PEEL smoothes and clears the skin

Having smooth and clear skin is so important on your wedding day.  This Skin Smoothing Peel will do just that!  This gentle exfoliating treatment uses mild breakout–fighting acids and fruit-derived enzymes to smooth away dullness, clear the pores, hydrate and ensure a youthful bridal glow.

PRIMING LOTION for picture perfect skin

For use under makeup anytime you want picture perfect skin.  Formulated exclusively for needs of bridal skin, this calming, hydrating and pore-purifying gel moisturizer provides a cooling, moisturizing base so makeup goes on smooth and stays fresh ensuring picture perfect skin.

BLEMISH SPOT RX dries blemishes fast

Wedding day nerves and stress can cause unexpected acne breakout… Not to worry, Blemish Spot RX will help breakout disappear quickly!  Formulated for surface infected blemishes, this miraculous spot treatment rapidly reduces the size and severity of infected blemishes.  I’ve used this and in 2 days, my pimple was significantly reduced and no mark!!

Renée also includes one of her facial sponges so you have everything you need in one bag.  Love that they are all airport approved sizes and I’ll tell you, once you get started…it will be so hard to stop.


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