Bridal Blackberry Botox preventatives from Dr. Brian S. Glatt

I’ll say this from the start – I personally don’t like those shows that tell brides “you must lose weight and if you win this ‘challenge’, we’ll pay for your painful plastic-surgery to make sure you’re the “perfect bride”.  Let’s state this for the record – YOU ARE ALREADY A PERFECT BRIDE!

You can prevent Blackberry Botox with 5 steps

Now with that said, I do like Dr. Brian Glatt, a NJ board-certified plastic surgeon.  He has passed on some common sense tips on making sure you can help to prevent what we call “BlackBerry Botox”.  You know those lines around your eyes because you squint due to constantly being on your blackberry or iPhone checking the latest texts, and bridal posts.  If you want to prevent premature wrinkles on your face, I honestly think these will help.

1. Take a break – It’s important to put down or at least glance up from your Smartphone regularly so that your eyes can rest. Though squinting is necessary when using a Smartphone, taking time to relax your eyes can make a significant difference in reducing this new type of strain on your facial muscles.

2. Turn the light down low – too much light and contrast can cause you to narrow the eyes to take in the brightness. A no-no for fresh-looking eye contours. Combat the dreaded ‘crow’s feet’ effect by dimming the screen in your ‘settings’ options – and see how low you can go on the light emission. The less, the better. (As a bonus, this will also help keep your phone’s battery life!)

3. Enlarge the text – If you find yourself struggling to read the small text on your Smartphone and start holding it so close you wrinkle your nose so much it hurts, just enlarge the text by simply going to your settings and altering the text size. Also, the zoom function can be a fantastic thing – use it to focus on images on your device so you can see much more clearly and avoid pulling the inner eye.

4. Looking after your eyes – If you can bear it, spend less time glued to your iPhone or Blackberry. And during this timeout, take some deep breaths to relax the face into a more natural expression, and gently massage the area around the eyes – a simple thing that can make a big difference to preventing those lines that starts subtly but can get deeper and more pronounced. Not only will your face be serene looking, you will feel more serene – and in a better state to deal with any inbox horrors.

5. Don’t forget to smile! – If you are experiencing stress from being constantly attached to your Smartphone, just think about the potentially negative effect this is having on your youthful appearance. Then, take time to do something that relieves the tension, like playing on a fun app, like TomCat or Angry Birds; this will help relax your face, soften your expression and prevent long-term frown lines.

I would add another one, put the blackberry, iPhone, i-everything down and have a conversation with your mate.  That will bring you closer together. Let him (or her) gaze in your eyes and feel the love.

Brian S. Glatt, MD, FACS is a premier, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon serving the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan Area. For more information, please feel free to contact him at


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